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Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Have I Been?

It has been about six months since my last entry. Where have I been and what on earth have I been doing to cause me to stay away so long?

Without getting into personal  issues, no "TMI" here, I'll just say life behind the scenes can be interesting.

Besides the holidays and then several birthdays between Oct. and the New Year, things were popping. Then in Jan. I was fortunate enough to be invited on a short trip to Costa Rica, which was really awesome! I went Zip-lining (what a sight that was as I am 57yrs old!), horseback riding where we met a real horses' a$$ (he was not from Texas...or even the south I don't think), and I took a ton of photos.

Since Jan. I have been focusing on graphic design and animation for graphics, which I hope to bring here as there just aren't that many great genealogy graphics to my way of thinking. At least I haven't found any. If you know of some, send me the link so I can check them out and maybe even link to them here so others can find them.

I am webmaster for the Lawson Family Heritage Program and we moved the site to a different host at the end of Feb. Originally it was with Tripod but the level of customer service nose-dived into the toilet (in my opinion) long about 2006.  Rather than fight them over the domain name transfer (like I did with my site, TexasHistoryHunter.com, finally I just said to hell with it, secured the new domain TexasHistoryHunter.net and moved my site to Web.com in April 2007), the LFHP group decided to get a new domain name upfront and moved to Web.com also, where you can speak to a live techie-person 24/7! (I love the level of customer service at Web.com so much I joined their Facebook page.) If you have LAWSON ancestry, check them out at their new site: http://www.lfhp.org/

We took the grand kids to Mardi Gras at Galveston the last Sat in Feb. and now St. Paddy's Day is approaching.

So off I go to develop the next entry for this blog and hopefully it won't take me six months to post it!